Issuers and promoters will be aware of the potential for complex and costly legal actions when a company appoints a share registrar domiciled in a jurisdiction different to that of the issuer. The most common problem is that of determining the appropriate locus for the hearing of a contested claim over title.

Recognising the frequency with which such disputes can arise, Anson Registrars is pleased to be able to provide the perfect solution for companies incorporated in the Cayman Islands, seeking a listing on a stock exchange in the UK, the Channel Islands or elsewhere in Europe.

The Anson Group has established Anson Registrars (Cayman) Limited to take the lead appointment as registrar to the issuer, in conjunction with the issuer appointing Anson Registrars in Guernsey as its transfer agent and paying agent in Guernsey. This dual appointment process ensures both clarity of jurisdiction for the resolution of claims, and provides a reception address close to the relevant stock exchange for the processing of all share transfers, mandates, address changes, death of holder and probates, etc.. The resolution of any claim will be resolved in the courts of the jurisdiction in which the issuer is incorporated.

Anson’s international approach provides both issuers and shareholders with the peace of mind and quality of service they deserve.

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