Corporate Actions

Public Offers

Anson Registrars has the capability and experience to help companies come to the market, be it via institutional placing or offer to the public. We assist with the application documentation required by CREST and the production of other documents such as share certificates. We provide Receiving House facilities along with client banking and daily updates of applications received and processed.

Many companies raise additional funds via rights issues or public offers. We advise and oversee the steps involved to ensure a successful event.

Proxy voting

Anson Registrars administers proxy voting for client funds. We are able to handle the entire process from printing the proxy form through to reporting the results.

When voting at members meetings is to occur we can receive and process all returned proxies and attend meetings to act as scrutinisers and count the voting. As the date of the meeting approaches Anson Registrars keep the company informed day by day of the proxy votes being returned.

Dividend and Interest Processing

Anson Registrars can calculate any dividend and print the cheques and tax vouchers; post them out to all shareholders; reconcile the dividend account and periodically advise the issuer of those shareholders who have not banked their dividend cheques. Dividends may be mandated to bank accounts, if required. Anson Registrars can offer the option of dividend payment in Sterling, Euros or US Dollars, regardless of the currency in which they are declared.