Provision of Management Information & Reporting

Managers need to understand the makeup of the register and be aware of changes that may be taking place. To enable our clients to carry out this all important monitoring task most effectively, we deliver a range of reports that are tailored to meet the circumstances and needs of the client.

These include but are not limited to:‑

  • Shareholder Lists – this may be grouped to show significant holdings.
  • Band Analysis – by holding size or other criteria.
  • Transfer Reports – to identify movement activity.
  • Proxy Reports – the number received and preferences.
  • Redemption Reports – requests received.
  • Issue and receipt of beneficial ownership notices.

Mailing Service

When reports to shareholders are to be sent out we are able to arrange the printing and distribution. Alternatively we will provide to the company or their printers with the address labels of the recipients. This approach provides the flexibility of service that denotes Anson Registrars.